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Located on Chalan San Antonio, this Applebee's feature the warm color tones and contemporary design associated with the popular casual-dining franchise.

Interior elements incorporate local themes and connects the restaurant to the island community that it serves.  The overall ambiance works to draw people with

its fun, family-friendly atmosphere and signature bar and grill menu.      

The approximately 7,100± sf restaurant seats about 300 customers and includes an outdoor dining, a bar area, and a separate dining area for private parties.


Located on Chalan San Antonio, IHOP showcases its philosophy of providing an everyday dining experience in a friendly environment. This approximately 4,500 sf restaurant seats about 160 customers and provides the option to close off certain zones and create separated dining areas for private parties.  A soft neutral color palette is used to create a clean ambiance that allows IHOP's iconic menu to take center stage.


IHOP Tumon located on Chalan San Vitores, is the second location on Guam and continues the IHOP philosophy of providing an everyday dining experience in a friendly environment. This approximately 2,900 sf restaurant seats about 125 customers.  The interior eating area is designed to invoke a relaxed coastal atmosphere accented with the interplay of various wood finishes.  There is also an outdoor eating area where customers can soak in the vibrancy of Guam's tourist district.


Papa’s Steakhouse, located at Tiyan Parkway East, consists of a 4,000 square foot restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining areas for approximately 120 customers, a private meeting/dining room for approximately 40 customers and a full kitchen. The restaurant also includes a bar/lounge area for approximately 30 patrons. This cliffline restaurant offers a lofty view of the tropical sky while a reflecting pool alludes to the Pacific Ocean beyond. Generous windows open to the view while the terrace seating floats above the illuminated reflecting pool. Spaces are defined by contrasting materials in a warm color palette. Woodwork and stone accent the spaces to create an elegant dining experience for the patron.


This restaurant is Bubba Gump's 44th restaurant and is its 16th international location.  Providing seating for approximately 280 customers, the layout includes a private dining area and a bar.  There is also a large patio for outdoor dining that allows customers to enjoy the bustle of Saipan's busiest shopping district. 

Measuring approximately 6,700 sf, this restaurant creates a southern atmosphere where everyone enjoy a fun meal.  In keeping with the restaurant chain's identity, memorabilia from the "Forrest Gump" movie is displayed throughout while other interior design elements add to the rustic down-home charm.  

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